Weekend getaway in Amsterdam

Me and my boyfriend have both been working so much the last couple of months, that a getaway for the weekend seemed like the perfect idea. Since he is working on a project in Amsterdam, we thought – why not spend a weekend there!
This was not my first visit to this beautiful city, so my only plan was to have some nice time. Just walking around and making random left and right turns on the Amsterdam canals is a perfect way to relax your mind and enjoy the city.
We also took a boat ride one evening and I would definitely recommend this experience! You learn so much about the history of Amsterdam and the canals. How, why and when everything was built. After such a ride you get a new perspective of the one of a kind “Gracht” houses. You begin to see them in a different way the next time you walk by.  The three most popular canals are a must visit: Prinsen-, Heren- and Keizersgracht. What I’m most fascinated by is the fact that you can actually see through the homes of the people in the Netherlands. They have huge windows and are not afraid to show their beautiful tidy living rooms to the world.
Another thing I hadn’t visited before in Amsterdam was the Flower Market. Autumn is not the best time for this activity, but it was pretty and worth it anyway. However, autumn is the best time to buy tulip roots and plant them. Of course you need a garden back home!
A beautiful and interesting street to walk along is the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. There are a lot of art galleries and pretty shops.
If you like art in general, Amsterdam is the place to visit. There are so many
museums for every taste and interest. This time we visited Van Gogh and the Moco Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.
Both so different and so worth the visit. I was surprised that security at the Van Gogh Museum has become more easy going. Officially you are not allowed to take pictures, but I think they just cannot control that in the modern digital society. His most popular work was better protected though.
And if you are looking for the ultimate foodie experience, it’s in the Foodhallen! You can try food from almost all over the world as well as some really good dutch beer.

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