How to… Dirndl in Munich

Moving to Munich, one of the first things you learn is that you need to buy yourself some nice traditional clothes! Oktoberfest is only the most famous festival where you can wear them. Living in Munich, you quickly find out there are quite a few occasions to dress up in a traditional dress or suit.


With time I got familiar with the beauty of the so called Dirndl and the multiple variations of wearing one. So far after only two years of living in Munich I’m a proud owner of two dresses and four blouses which I can combine to create various outfits together with different jewellery and hair pieces.


At first sight all clothing looks the same, but there are many hidden details and types of Dirndl as well as many ways to wear it. There are also lots of brands on the market.
The price of a Dirndl speaks for its quality. These dresses are very expensive and the ladies in Bavaria or Austria actually invest in good ones. I must admit I’m always on the hunt for nice deals and sales!

So here is an observation of my Dirndls and some trends. For instance the dresses with ribbons in the front are a classic. A slightly more modern version of it is to tie it with a thin chain. My first one is from Turi Landhaus and has a silver chain in the front. I’m thinking of buying a ribbon in similar colours as the apron next year, in order to create a softer look.




4C02911C-74D6-46EE-98AC-3EC88A1B20A4 The trend started slowly last season, but during this Oktoberfest buttons in the front were undoubtedly in!
My second Dirndl is from MarJo. It has metal buttons in the front and little black dots on the apron and the edging around the chest and it looks cute with a black lace blouse.





Blouses can change the whole appearance enormously. Trendy from the past couple of Oktoberfests are buttons, lace, vintage and high neck blouses. Some Dirndl dresses are even designed to be worn without a blouse, but I believe this is a matter of taste.



I now consider myself a lover of the bavarian dresses and am looking forward to upcoming events where I could wear them! I also fell in love with lace aprons and am on the search for a pretty one I can match with all my dirndls.

Another important part of the Wiesn (as the citizens of Munich call their Oktoberfest) styling is the way you do your hair. Lots of girls prefer flowers and floral hair wreaths. This year’s trend were hair ribbons. The real classic is of course hair braids. Hair products company Pantene started a cute advertisement campaign with a hashtag using the german word for braid and a word-game as a tribute to the traditional Oktoberfest opening ceremony. Check #ozopftis on social media for the prettiest bavarian hair styles of Wiesn 2018!




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