Malaga travel guide after sunset

I must admit I am not a morning person, never been and not expecting to become one in the near future… On the other hand I love sunsets! And because of this combination I am the girl who makes it pretty late to the beach, but stays there until the sun goes down.


Fortunately my boyfriend is even less of a morning person than me, so we always discover the places we visit by dark together! In the following post I will try to recap some of the places where we went for a walk after sunset or had dinner and drinks at.



The beach and the port in Malaga are located south-west of the city, so you have this wonderful twilight colours when the hot day wishes good night!


There are a whole lot of cafes and restaurants in the Muelle Uno port area. I prefer to check recommendations first, because a lot of them were pretty touristy. Here are some places we‘ve tried out that I would recommend:

  • ​Café De Viu for iced coffee (you should try this in a hot day in Spain, it’s called Café con hielo) with a rooftop view over the harbour and the cutes sun umbrellas.



Sometimes we would dine near the port area and the food was just delicious!





Near our hotel or in the small cute streets of Malaga we also found some pretty great tapas places.

  • ​Castaño Oscuro for traditional local food.





Already on the first night we found a really cool cuban bar with salsa music and delicious mojitos – Bar Chiquita Cruz.


If you are looking for the best cocktails in town, you should definitely pay the Mañana Bar a visit or two. Its a cool surfer bar and you can enjoy your drink there or outside. There is a small park surrounded by bars and restaurants nearby, so try the botellon spanish style. This is a cool thing young people in Spain like to do! It’s basically getting some drinks with  your friends and finding  a cool park to seat and laugh together. But don’t forget to bring your empty glasses back to the bar!



Of course as a huge dance fan and a former dancer myself, I had to visit a Flamenco show! This is something words cannot describe! One should be there in person, listen to the spanish guitar and the singers, feel the ground tremble under their feet! We went to the Liceo theatre and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in my life!



And last but not least, I have a really nice recommendation for a healthy brunch – Brunchit España. They use only fresh ingredients from local farmers! The one we visited is located just behind the Mercado and an awesome tasty experience!

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