Ancient Rome – a stylish Travel back in time with GetYourGuide (Photo Journal)

What should I say about the ancient ruins of the Roman Culture… Was I skeptical before this sightseeing tour? Yes! Was I amazed, mesmerized, astonished afterwards? Oh Yes!!! Was it more than I expected? Definitely Yes! And here is the time to thank GetYourGuide for this experience! It would not have been the same without our tour guide!

There are so many places (especially in Europe), where you could have a nice, cozy walk and peacefully enjoy a beautiful sight with an ice-cream in your hand! And then there is Rome – huge, overwhelming, loud and crowded any time of the year! As a really calm person, I do need guidance in an urban jungle with so many tourists rushing from one monument to another!

We met our guide, who btw had a degree in ancient history, near the Colosseum at the Arch of Constantine. It was all well organized and we all got our headphones, directly connected to the mic of our guide. I find this type of tour commentary simply genius, since you are able to hear clearly everything your travel guide is telling you, while observing the magic and beauty of moments, buildings or art and you don’t need to run after them in order to get some of the stories they are telling. In that way you can truly enjoy the view and absorb the emotion!

We got our first selfie-stick for this Italy vacation and since we did not have to worry about tickets and waiting lines, we just adored the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hills! So we were playing around with our new camera equipment and yes, you may laugh at some of our art creations in the following Photo Diary! I have decided not to bore you with all the Information you can read (and most probably have already read) in the numerous books and websites! I just want to share the views from where I was standing on this beautiful April day, feeling like an ancient roman lady! So Tanto divertimento!

















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