Over-the-knee boots and dressy coat in Prague, March 2017

In my mind, Prague was always saved in the Fashion-and-Style-Cities folder ! Our trip to the capital of the Czech Republic has only confirmed that impression! Such a clean, beautiful and elegant city! That’s why I packed some fashionable items and felt right in place walking among castles and along streets and riversides on a sunny day in early spring.
As a petite girl with a 1,85 m/ 6,1’ tall boyfriend, I am often to be seen wearing high heels and I also find them very elegant. It’s crucial for them to be comfortable – one pair of heels does not equal another. There is a big difference in how the shoe sole or the heel has been made, what kind of material the shoes are made of and so on. Expensive mostly means good quality and comfort, but not always!
I have been in love with overknees my whole life! Over the knee socks, over the knee boots…I find them very eye-catching, elegant and girly! This is why I am very happy right now with the fact that OTK Boots are so in and available in shops! A couple of years ago it was almost a mission impossible to find a nice pair!


I combine my boots with skinny jeans, short skirts or winter hot pants. They look lovely in every outfit and on every occasion! I also love ribbons and small details on my clothes! Thus, the outfit for the Prague walk through the city was born. I took my favorite checkered black and white winter hot pants and the new grey spring sweater with tiny black ribbons my mum and sis gave me a while ago.


I was also so very happy to find a cute coat at asos just a couple of days before this trip! I had been looking for something pretty and elegant for the mild winter times for a long time! I am also a big fan of large warm scarves! You can wear them in winter of course, but also in cool spring days over the shoulders!



I find that OTK-Boots look so cute with a lace skirt or a cocktail dress! This also made my packing a lot easier! I love changing outfits on a holiday, but at the same time I try to stay practical!



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