Rooftoping in Prague, March 2017

There is nothing quite like having a coffee or a cocktail up in the air, over the rooftops! This kind of bars, restaurants and cafes are still insider tips in most cities, which is actually pretty nice! Not only can you enjoy a breathtaking view, but also peace and quiet, away from the crowd and noise!

My absolute favorite rooftop terrace in Prague is the “Terasa U Prince” at the U Prince Hotel at the Staré Město Square. It is an amazing change of air compared to the square itself. As beautiful as it is, it is so overcrowded and loud that one just feels overstrained! And then, a glass elevator ride later, you find yourself in a fairytale setting among the medieval towers! We were also lucky to have our coffee there at sunset!




A very fancy rooftop bar is the Cloud 9 in the Hilton Prague. I was pleased and impressed with how polite the staff and how tasty the cocktails were! The interior and the view simply speak for themselves! A classy and cozy way to enjoy the evening over beautiful Prague!




The last but definitely not least place we tried to look at Prague from, at a 66-meters height, drinking a molecular cocktail, was the Oblaca Bar at the Žižkov Tower. Again, very nice young people working there, doing some pretty cool chemistry behind the bar and taking great care of their guests! Despite all the contradictory opinions I’ve heard or read about this place, I found it to be a worthy experience! It was the perfect ending to a perfect city trip!





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