Vyšehrad – a different side of Prague’s history

The last hours before traveling back home we spent discovering the old castle of Prague – Vyšehrad. It was not as crowded as the old town and revealed a different side of Prague and its history! One can walk around by the old castle wall and have a relaxed view over the river and the surrounding hills! I was surprised by the curvy relief on which Prague has been built!





In the center of the castle complex is the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, built in a neo-gothic style. Right next to it lies the cemetery where so many Czech authors, musicians and other famous public figures have found their peace. It didn’t feel right for us to go inside and take pictures, so we just passed in silence by the cemetery gate and took one last look at the river from the highest spot of the castle walls.




For a proper finale of this experience and to rest a bit we treated ourselves to a yummy lychee cream cake and chocolate coffee at Yam Yam directly next to the Vyšehrad metro station (http://yamyam.cz). This art Café is a must if you decide to visit this part of town one day. Really cool place with some nice deep house music, modern artwork on the tables and walls and, last but not least, unbelievably good desserts!


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