Prague’s beautiful symbols, tasty food and great beer

We were very lucky with the weather! The sun was shining and Prague was shining with it! We walked from the old town hall to the Vltava riverside, through the Charles Bridge (Karlův most) and up to the Prague Castle (Pražský hrad).




I remember finding the Charles Bridge huge and kind of creepy as a child. This time it didn’t appear so big, but it surely does have a slightly mystic touch and the figures can give you chills! Of course the view of the Prague Castle and the hills on the opposite side of the Vltava from the bridge is unique!




The Prague Castle itself is a wonderful facility with a mixture of gothic and baroque architecture, which can bring you back to another epoch with its silence and romantic side. You can see that it was built throughout different ages and every part of it tells a new story. There are lots of hidden quiet places with nice cafés where you can have a mulled wine in the late winter sun.




And from the Castle hill you can simply have the most romantic view over the city and the river! I love looking at cities from a higher place and I am always mesmerized by panoramic views! Being able to do this on a sunny day is truly one of the best feelings on a city trip!





view3 - Copy

Now may I please talk about the amazing Czech cuisine and beer! We only had two nights in Prague, but we tried some wonderful restaurants and bars. Great atmosphere, beautiful interior, polite staff and amazing food! Our new friend had suggested us some typical things to try and we ended up loving the Czech cuisine!

Beer has its very own priority spot in Czech culture! There are many different types and kinds of beer you can only try in the Czech Republic. Special ways of brewing and mixing typical dark and blonde tastes in an unusual and very delicious way is what makes the Czech beer exceptional. In the U Pravdů Restaurant ( we also tried ginger beer! This was one of the most refreshing and flavorful things I have tried in my life! It was also not on the menu so if you are in the neighborhood and decide to dine there, you should ask for it! Another place we loved was the Bredovsky Dvur (

A really fun place in Prague is the Výtopna Railway Restaurant on the Wenceslas Square. It is so cute! There is an actual model railway and a small train driving around the whole bar “delivering” you your drinks!

IMG_2072 - Copy

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