Walking through the streets of Prague in March 2017

If there is something I am easily persuaded into doing, it’s a spontaneous trip and an adventure! So when my boyfriend called to tell me he just got 2 days off from work, it took me no time at all to plan and book this trip!

Prague was always very high on my Wish List! I have been there as a 10-year-old with my parents and I remember being so fascinated with this city and have been wanting to revisit and experience it as an adult for a long time now!

By the way, one of the best things about living in Munich is that you are literally in the middle of Europe and everything is relatively close! There are so many pretty cities, castles and natural sites you can reach by car!

And just like that, we were on the road, heading east.

There is this so called car sharing, which is quite popular in Germany right now, so we thought „Why not take someone who is also traveling in this direction with us?” And that’s how we met a really nice lady from Prague, living in Munich and visiting her family in the Czech Republic. I am a huge fan of talking to local people about the place you are visiting! They always give the nicest tips and the most valuable advices! You also learn so much about the culture and you look on the city in a different way and start to really breathe it while walking through its streets!




And this is what we mostly did in Prague! Walking around, turning left and right in small streets by chance and looking upon mesmerizing facades! Apparently, Prague survived the tragic events and wars from the beginning of the 20th century, in which enormous parts of the European culture and architecture were destroyed, a bit better than the rest of Europe. And apparently, the City Council of Prague is doing a marvelous job in keeping the old buildings in great condition! I was amazed by how clean and bright every street and every figure on every wall was! Walking around Prague has definitely charged me with so much happiness and positive energy!




Standing geographically between Eastern and Western Europe, Prague astonished me with its variety of architecture! You can sense a typical Middle-aged small tower, a French roof and an eastern ornament smoothly intertwined in almost every building!


The old city of Prague has so many different shops to offer as well! They are famous for their crystals, woodwork and natural cosmetics. We did some good window shopping and it was great fun!





Well, we also brought some pretty things from Prague back home!



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