The fluffy kitten

Talking beliefs, I believe that we all need something cute and adorable in our lives! Something that could make you smile by just looking at it. Something that could calm you and bring love and joy in your day by just being there and being sweet. Something like a pet.


My source of daily sweetness is my little ball of fur – my kitten Lulu. Well, he isn’t so little anymore… He is a 7-year-old British-Longhair cat with pure white shiny fur, pink nose, pink paws and ears. He has those big eyes, that change color with the different lighting and he always looks at me as if he is just about to say something! And he usually does! Some of you may think I am a crazy cat-lady, but I’m sure that anyone who has or has had a kitten in their lives knows how smart and precise they are in communication! I got him when he was a tiny little baby (back then he really looked like a furry ball!) and after so many years of living together I know what almost every Meow means!

I just took a quick look at him. Right now he is lying in the sun on our balcony enjoying his cat-lifestyle! He definitely has his own ways and routines! It is true that you can teach a dog some tricks, but a cat teaches us and brings us to do what they want us to! And as cat lovers, we just go with it!

My kitten is not the cuddly type for sure! He is always nearby, always in the same room as the humans, but most of the time he is like “Do not even think about touching me!” But at night he would come to bed at some point, climb upon my legs and purrrrr. The most amazing sound on the planet, if you ask me! So calming! And then he starts meow-ing, climbing all over me, sticking his nose over mine and he won’t stop until I am up! Yes, it may sound funny, but it always happens an hour or two before my alarm for work… and you can imagine how much I love the little monster in the morning! Once he gets me up, he is so overwhelmed and just cannot decide what to do first! He runs around the apartment like “Oh, oh! Should I play, or scratch my wall, or maybe go to the balcony? Or, or should I see if my plate is full (it is always full, but he needs his mama to go with him to check) or should I play in the bathtub?!” Yes, he loves, loves, loves water! He jumps into the tub and begs me to turn the faucet on so he can play with the water!

I could write on and on about all the funny stories with him. He is constantly into some new trouble and new adventures! But we forgive him everything right away! All he needs to do is look at us with his big eyes and all is forgiven and forgotten! Anyway, since this is supposed to be a fashion/travel/lifestyle blog, I will spare you more details!


But fact is, that Mr. Louis Vuitton (this is his real name, a.k.a. little white rabbit, little mouse, little trouble-maker etc.) has become a huge part of our lives! I believe that pets really are a part of the family and are like children! They need their humans to love them and take a good care of them! This is why we always think about the furry guy when we plan our vacations! Cats don’t do very well with changes and a travel provides an enormous amount of stress for most of them! After trying different things we have come to realize that a “Baby”-Sitter at home is the best option for him! Fortunately there are lots and lots of cat-lovers out there who are happy to take care of the kittens while their owners are away on business or holiday trips.

I am just about to meet a new cat-sitter today, since the girl who usually takes care of Lulu is on a vacation herself! Our next trip is just around the corner and I am so excited about it! Which means I really need to do some packing now! You can also follow Lulu’s adventures on instagram 😉




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